About Us


Our human and collaborative approach stems from the fact that Foam Concept 2000 inc. is a family business. This is also what makes us stand out when it comes to meeting our customers’ evolving needs. The word “no” is simply not in our vocabulary.

We are always on the lookout for solutions to guarantee optimal service and to maintain trusting relationships with our customers. Therefore, please feel free to contact a member of the Foam Concept 2000 inc. family with any questions or needs about our service or products.


At Foam Concept 2000 inc., our team’s mission is to be very successful in the manufacture of a wide variety of expanded polystyrene products intended primarily for the insulation, construction and packaging markets.


Respect is a core value for us. Every employee deserves to be treated with great regard without distinction. An attitude and behaviour reflecting the highest consideration for internal and external customers, suppliers, equipment, goods and the company are paramount and are what makes our team strong.


All the employees who are part of the team must be attentive and foresighted in anticipating internal and external customers’ needs, as well as situations and events that could have an impact on them. It is their responsibility to ensure that their teammate succeeds, for their personal success and that of our customers and our company.

We encourage every employee to take pleasure in their work and we strive to promote this. Fun is above all a way of being, an attitude. Life goes by fast. You spend half your time at work. We think that an unmotivated and disgruntled person cannot be effective in his or her functions, and internal and external clients will feel the impact one day or another.


Foam Concept

Founded in 1998, I had a vision of all-round growth with particular emphasis on customer service.With our selection of quality products and leading-edge manufacturing technology, unsurpassed customer service focus and industry-leading delivery times, we have been very fortunate to enjoy substantial year-after-year growth.

We continue to invest in new product development and enhanced manufacturing practices. Our innovative team have allowed us to penetrate many EPS market opportunities and help customers with solutions. From packaging to set designs; from architectural to marketing displays & designs, we have remained flexible in our ability to supply practically every inquiry we receive. We focus on always presenting a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality. Our customer service team remain focused on meeting the customers needs and expectations. We provide a value-added factor through both the design and implementation of our EPS.


Founded in 1961, Legerlite is a pioneer in the expanded polystyrene industry.

For more than forty years, it has used state-of-the-art processes and technologies to manufacture high-quality products. This is why Legerlite has excelled over the years in terms of the service it provides to its ever-growing clientele. It enjoys a highly enviable reputation throughout the polystyrene market. Foam Concept 2000 inc. serves the territories of Quebec and Ontario, the Maritime provinces and several cities in the United States. It also has a subsidiary in Ontario: Foam Concept 2000. Foam Concept 2000 inc. has distinguished itself as the pioneer of expanded polystyrene in eastern Canada. Because we have been developing our expertise for more than 50 years, our service and products have been optimized. We have always succeeded in adapting to market requirements and to our customers’ needs.


Join our family

Foam Concept 2000 inc. has distinguished itself as the pioneer of expanded polystyrene in eastern Canada. With its two factories located in Montreal and Toronto, totalling more than 150,000 square feet, we have always succeeded in adapting to market requirements and to our customers’ needs.

Our philosophy is simple: a human, collaborative and sharing approach. Our door is always open for our employees. The values that we hold dear are conveyed and practised daily. It’s not smoke and mirrors; what makes us successful is our employees’ happiness. One of our customers summed it up nicely during a factory visit: “We can sense that your employees are really happy to work here.”