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Legerlite GEO expanded polystyrene blocks are available in various densities for use in the construction of light fill embankments, road insulation and other geotechnical applications. GEO blocks are lightweight and are manufactured in several dimensions to suit various applications and budgets. The polystyrene blocks are highly resistant to temperature variations and thaw-freeze cycles, and they are waterproof, making them an ideal choice for road insulation and for constructing embankments. GEO blocks are thus being increasingly used in civil engineering and landscaping works.

Legerlite’s expertise developed over the past 30 years allows you to optimize the integration of Geo products in your projects, with timelines that are in line with your needs. Legerlite has a proven track record with the ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, which use our products for constructing embankments and insulating highways. Legerlite’s products are an integral part of a wide range of projects, and they can help you earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.


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